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Thursday, September 12

just saying

it's been a while.nothing special but when i look back..more than a year has gone since you left me behind.
i never opened up about my past relationship here..i do post about him, when we were together but not after we broke up..i still remember all the things we talked before we broke up..it's not because i still can't get over him...but i just want to write about it here. no one will read my blog anyway

i really sure, 100% i already move on.but last night, i did scrolling down my old posts.and of course there are posts about him..i once said to myself..i will let this blog just like this so sometimes i can recalled back our happy memories..i don't know why i think like that

i scrolled it before i go to bed..and last night, i dreamed about him..we were walking together..but then my friend ask, why you still with him?..i just don't know how to answer,,but i still walk and i was like chasing him
but then, he was gone.. no where to be found...a few moments later, i woke up
then i now, it was a sign..sign that, we will never ever, getting back together~~

in order to forget about him,,i already thrown all the things he gave to me...everything okay~~
i also removed him from my friend list but then i added him back..oh i know that sound stupid..
but..i just don't want our friendship from school,, just end like that, we once a friend..good friend.
even after we broke up, i just want to be cool okay...that's all~

okay, i still want to write but the idea has gone
yeah i write this post just to make myself relieved.
no heart feeling bebeh

okay..enough about you.
this will be the last thing i wrote about you.
don't miss me okay.
ha ha ha
for those who read this, don't you worry, don't you worry child~~

you once said like this, i do reply like that.
yes, the coward you and i never asked why.
cr: google

this how i felt after we broke up

sometimes, i do think like this 

yes, i'm good and cool now

yeah, this is what i want to do right now
find somebody, who will be my imam until jannah. :)

like it or leave it ♥

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