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Friday, February 7

Give me strength

I'm so weak right now.
Need strength to find a job or doing what I think good for myself
I Need supports from all of you
Just trust me okay
I know everything will be fine.
I'm sorry if I am not a good daughter or sister.
Not capable to help nor giving benefits to this house.
Just please give me more time.
I knew I can do it.
Please please please.
Don't make me feel pressure to live here.
Let me be what I wanna be as I know you will never stop me.
One more time I'm asking..please give me strengths, supports and time.
All is well.

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Wednesday, January 8


I got no talent
I can't sing
I bad in analytical
I bad in theoretical
I bad in defence myself
I rather shut my mouth than speak out loud
I may looks happy outside but nobody knows what actually in my mind
I make mistake a lot
I am clumsy escpecially when in hurry
I am positive thinker
I am emotional person. Sometimes I make decision without thinking but mostly I will think the consequences before making a decision . depending on my emotion
I need someone who I can lean on right now
But it's okay. Allah is always there for me.

ya Allah, please ease my ways to go up. I believe on my destiny. I will do my best and Allah will do the rest. InsyAllah

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Thursday, December 26

Rasa jauh

Rasa jauh sepi dan kosong
Entah kenapa aku rasa aku makin jauh dgn DIA...
Time susah baru nak cari. Time senang jarang nak ingat.
Belajar bersyukur waniey.
Bersyukur yang rumah kau tak di bom. Jauh dari bencana.
Bersyukur masih cukup makan pakai.

Cuma 1 je. Kena usaha lagi untuk capai apa kau nak.

Kau bukan tak boleh. Boleh sangat-sangat. Tapi waktu itu belum tiba..belum tiba saat kau mahu berjasa. Mungkin sikit masa lagi. Sabar sabar sabar

p/s: saban hari org bercerita tentang harga barang naik. Thanks PM!

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Tuesday, December 17


Go to a few interview session make me depressed as I don't get a job yet

How actually I need to do in order to tackle the interviewer?

It's not like I don't make a study before the interview.

I admit that my nervousness sometimes do affect my fluency in speaking while selling myself

Everytime after an interview, the percentage of hoping to get a job is very low.

For now on, I'm just praying for the best.

Allah might have another story for me.
I know I can't give up now.

There are always good paths He made for me.

Sooner or later I will discovered it.


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Monday, December 16


Pernah merasa hampa sedih kecewa?
Fikir semula mengapa kita rasa begitu
Kadang-kadang kita tak sedar kita pernah menghampakan orang..buat orang sedih malah mengecewakan.
tapi bagaimana dapat kita kembali pada waktu itu?

Kita mesti percaya kepada qada' dan qadar.
Tapi kenapa wujud nya karma?
As we know.
. What you give...you get back..
Balasan Allah itu pasti...sama ada di dunia atau di akhirat...hanya Allah yang maha mengetahui.

Fikir semula fikirrrr

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