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Sunday, October 17

stop and stare

the title is completely has nothing to do with this entry

rite now,instead of studying for fluid test or doing my vibration assignments..i like to do nothing
i just not into you wahai buku2 ku.

oh ya.last nite im study +- watch movie at dibah n azie's room

1st movie is ALTITUDE..english movie

at the beginning the story is quite interesting but in the end..my heart is broken
tsk tsk..u should watch if u want to know the freaking ending..cacat at all

2nd movie is HOUSEFULL..hindustan weh

sangat lazat~nyum nyum nyum.
x boleh berenti gelak aku tgok cite ni

at the end..x study pon smlm.tido di bilik mereka sbb dah jauh malam.

hai sayang~~*suami kedua

like it or leave it ♥

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